I enjoy tracing my family history; I hope these pages give you some insight into the life and times of my ancestors.  Enjoy :)

I am a second generation Canadian, both sets of grandparents were born in other countries; my parents were the first of our family to be born in Canada.  

My Mother's family is Danish, the main names are Jensen and Secher.  We have relatives in Denmark that we correspond with and visit.  We have searched quite far back on the Secher side but not too far on the Jensen.

Of course England is easier to research than Denmark, as I don't know the Danish language.  
My Father's family is from Northern Ireland, Kerr/Haveron and from Worcestershire, England, Preston/Davis.

In 1997 I wrote an email to the Worcester Journal inquiring if they might post a message asking if anyone knew the relatives of John Davis or Eliza Preston. I never heard back from the newspaper.  But several months later I did hear back from Doreen Jones and Dorothy Baggott both relatives of ours from the Worcester.

Without my knowledge the paper printed my letter.  Doreen is related to my paternal great grandmother's brother. I thank Doreen for her enthusiasm all the names and documents she has added to my family tree plus it was a great pleasure for Patrick and me to stay with Doreen and Les in England.

Just in 2014 we have discovered a verified link to my grandfather's brother James Percival Davis.  A very kind woman in Ontario found me on and sent me a photograph of James, his wife Annie, their child Joan Olive and Jame's brother George.  There is no doubt that this is our family.  I look forward to finding out more about their family.

On this Google map you can see where our Davis family came from. This map includes our family as well as Davis' who lived near by.  We have not found a direct connection to these other Davis' but I'm working on that.

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