Old Davis Family Photos
William Preston Davis and Margaret Jane Kerr's wedding. 03 March, 1910 Alameda, Saskatchewan, Canada. Click on the photo to go to my flickr Old Davis Photo page.


On the 10th of  March 1910 William Preston Davis married Margaret Jane Kerr in Alameda Saskatchewan, Canada.  Both William and Margaret were sent to Canada by the government of Brittan, as Home Children, when they were young.  When they were old enough to leave the families they were working for, they moved to Alameda where they met, married and raised their family.  

kerr family history 

Maragret Jane was born in a tiny village called Ballystrudder, Islemagee in County Antrim North Ireland.  Her mother, Martha, died of Tuberculosis when Margaret was 6 years old.  Margaret and her sister Mary Annie lived with their father until they were taken away, sent to England and then sent to Canada as Home Children.  

Davis Family history

William Preston was born in a small village called Tibberton in Worcestershire England. William's father died on his 6th birthday. From that time on little William had a tough life.  He was sent to an orphanage when his older brother was expelled for bad behaviour and eventually William sent to Canada as a Home Child.

Please note:

Some of the information that I have gathered over the years paints a sad picture of William and Margaret's early life.  I have decided to include as much information as I can and not edit the disturbing parts.  Please remember that often the authorities, being the government or the chruch, thought what they were doing was the right thing.  Sometimes in order to achieve what they thought was right they elaborated on the truth.  I say this specifically in regard to the information about Margaret's life before she was sent to England.  What the church writes to achieve removing Maggie and Mary may or may not be true there is no way for us to know for sure.

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